Welcome to my new website.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to welcome you to my new website. I will be updating it every week and letting you know what will be happening in my life. Please do visit my Biography page now for information about my Career and Achievements to date. I will be posting information about my forthcoming concert dates and other performance details on my Events & Concerts page. I will also bring you news on my News and Reports page, which will include all about my performances soon after they have finished. So, do keep visiting my website regularly and you'll be up to date on all my activities. 

Also for your information, as I am a very keen photographer, I will use this site to display my work as often as possible, for example, the background photograph here on my homepage was taken from the Cooley Mountains overlooking my home town of Dundalk County Louth here in Ireland. The grand piano image is also part of my collection. You will find more of my Photographic work and other Concert Photographs on my Gallery Page soon to be uploaded..

Finally folks. please feel free to go ahead and leave any comments on my Facebook link that you think might be helpful to me, or any ideas you might have that would help to enhance my website and make it better. Thank you.

Best regards David.